The unavoidable combination of investing & emotion


Everyone will say you this: in order to become a better investor, don’t let emotion overtake your decisions. But, we’re human beings. We are made out of emotion (mostly) and with everything you do, even the little things, you will feel something. So how on earth can you invest without listening to your guts, that little voice in your head or your straight out feelings?

And what drives these emotions, is it really something we can shut down?

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Why we are not paying off our debt early


Want to know something funny? We’re not only having 1, but actually 3 different forms of debt. And it even get’s worse: we choose to hold of payments on our student loans, so we can keep the money in our pockets.

But then again, we’re still money nerds and we have a good reason to do this. Paying of your debt early can be very liberating in the sense of lower expenditures and higher savings rates (or having a good night’s sleep). But in our financial journey to freedom, we try to hack for growth and the best possible return in every decision. So this one is no exception.

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Dividend & Portfolio update – January 2017

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A new month comes with new numbers! Well, the metrics remain the same, but we are pleasantly surprised how far we have come the past year. In January we’ve made some more changes to our portfolio and even opened up a new brokerage account. We hoped to have sold the car by now, but that has to wait a little longer. Until then we keep on going like we are doing now, and allocate capital to our portfolio every single month.

The net amount of dividends in January are still on the lower side for the year, but our dividend growth compared to last year is showing some amazing progress!

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New stock additions in January – SBUX & AGN


After the Trump rally in the end of 2016, now it just seems a lot of people don’t know yet what to expect. Very recent events has shown us that nothing is certain anymore and some very strange things are only just starting to surface. Nevertheless, the markets perform on all time highs. And with the possibility of more interest rate hikes, the coming year would most definitely an interesting (and a bit weird) year.

But what does this change for our investments? Nothing…

Like always, we are not aiming on finding the right momentum or timing the market. We haven’t made a new buy in the past 7 weeks. It has been a while, but found we should make some moves. So, we used our cash position to grow our stock portfolio a bit more.

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The effects of instant gratification on millennials…


The millennial generation consists of persons born in between 1980 and 2000. The term ‘Millennial’ was coined up by Strauss and Howe in 1987.

But what makes an individual a millennial? Is it being lazy? The love for travel? The ‘I want to do everything my own way’ attitude? Do we really don’t know how to handle money?

Who knows?

I was born in 1987 and therefore I’m officially placed in the millennial generation (born between 1984-2000), although on the outer end. The strange thing is that I never felt connected with ‘being a millennial’ at all. For a lot of people it’s the lost generation that is so hard to influence and is doing everything different than what is expected of ‘normal’ people. Are millennials that much different?

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Stock market 101: Wall Street’s famous January Effect


Two weeks in the new year. The past has been reflecting, lists have been maid and we have committed ourselves to new goals. But there is something else that reoccurs every year in January… The January Effect.

This phenomenon refers to the rise in stock prices in this particular month and the bullishness of the stock market in a whole. We all have harder times finding dividend stocks for a good value the past few weeks. Might this effect have something to do with it?

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The 10 must-read business books for 2017


Reading is a powerful habit. No wonder that this is the number 1 advice given by some of the most successful people. There is a hidden power in reading every day. By contiously reading every day, week and year you will learn. You can become a better person, become a little wiser and discover all that is around you. There are a lot of classics that you should read, like The Intelligent Investor, but what are the newsworthy newcomers of last year?

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Do we NEED a budget? Nah, but we still want to and this is why…


When I started this blog, goals had to be made. Not all of them were achieved, but one in particular really stood out. Our savings ratio. We crushed our target goal of 30% by the ending 2016 with an average savings rate of 41%! It was the first year we fully tracked this, and boy was I wrong about what we actually managed to save already. And than I started thinking… How can we ever improve this awesome result?

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