Stock market 101: Wall Street’s famous January Effect


Two weeks in the new year. The past has been reflecting, lists have been maid and we have committed ourselves to new goals. But there is something else that reoccurs every year in January… The January Effect.

This phenomenon refers to the rise in stock prices in this particular month and the bullishness of the stock market in a whole. We all have harder times finding dividend stocks for a good value the past few weeks. Might this effect have something to do with it?

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The 10 must-read business books for 2017


Reading is a powerful habit. No wonder that this is the number 1 advice given by some of the most successful people. There is a hidden power in reading every day. By contiously reading every day, week and year you will learn. You can become a better person, become a little wiser and discover all that is around you. There are a lot of classics that you should read, like The Intelligent Investor, but what are the newsworthy newcomers of last year?

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Do we NEED a budget? Nah, but we still want to and this is why…


When I started this blog, goals had to be made. Not all of them were achieved, but one in particular really stood out. Our savings ratio. We crushed our target goal of 30% by the ending 2016 with an average savings rate of 41%! It was the first year we fully tracked this, and boy was I wrong about what we actually managed to save already. And than I started thinking… How can we ever improve this awesome result?

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Dividend & Portfolio update – December 2016


We have been investing for 2.5 years now. We started our journey half way through 2014 and shifted to DGI half way through 2015. Looking at how far we’ve come, what we have learned and all the great things that awaits us in the future, I have absolutely no regrets.

This dividend income report will be the last of 2016, but I’m sure there are still many, many to come in the following years.

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My goal for 2017: turning goals into habits


A lot of lists wit new years resolutions already popped up in the online community. So after reading some and finding my own goals of this year were not all met, I started thinking of how to make a list for my own. Although I didn’t meet all goals from last year, I’m still very pleased with were we are now and how far we have come. Setting up financial goals is not that easy, because they are easily affected by other circumstances. Like getting another job, buying a house or something else. Therefore I’m changing the way on how I set up goals for the next year.

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The year 2016 in review: learning and growing

Leaf-water.jpgOh, how the time has past quickly. Every year again people will tell you how fast the year has passed. Well, I’m no exception. It seems that there is no way near enough time to do everything you want. Remember the saying: time flies when you’re having fun. And it even seems to get faster when were getting older. I don’t want to be getting all dramatic here. Because we, and hopefully you too, have seen some truly positive milestones in the past year.

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Recent buy – Nike ($NKE) – still growing strong


We planned on buying 2 more stocks before the year would end. Well, I’m glad that we already found 1 of them. In our watch list we mentioned a few Consumer Staple companies we had our eyes on. Nike being one of them. Although this powerhouse in athletic footwear and apparel is not a typical dividend stock, it’s wide moat and innovative business model says it’s a promising portfolio addition nonetheless.

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How giving small can have a big impact


The last few weeks were some very busy ones for us here. We’ve had many birthdays (including my own!) and lots of other social events we had to attend. With working full time and having a over-scheduled agenda, I just didn’t had the time I wanted to be more active in the PF community. Nonetheless I wanted to wish you all some very good days this weekend and a very merry christmas.

There was one thing however that really stood out for us. And that was the Christmas dinner Mr. Divnomics had on his work, which I wanted to share with you guys.

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