Dividend & Portfolio update – November 2016

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It’s that time of the month again! I already saw some dividend reports passing by around the DGI community. Just love to see how everybody is continue to grow and set some awesome results. So how did we perform? Instead of a small setback in October, where we had no year on year growth because of currency fluctuations. We have some much better results to show for November.

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Stock watchlist for December 2016

A photo by JOHN TOWNER. unsplash.com/photos/bZXQ6zUmqkw

As the end of the year is slowly passing by, we have planned to make another 2 buys before we reached the end of 2016. Normally we only have a longer list of companies we are interested in, and just keep on looking for new possibilities at the same time. Just recently we added Allergan to our watchlist. Because our list is constantly growing, a lot of the companies on there we don’t follow too closely. And the longer it gets the more flexible we get with picking a stock buy. So for now we choose to zoom in on a few for the coming weeks to be able to focus on a few instead of many.

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Tips & tricks on how to negotiate a lower price when buying a home


Dealing with finding a house is one thing, buying it for the right price is another. If you fall in love with something, you might end up making some pretty bad financial decisions. 

If you want to buy a certain property, it’s best to be well prepared. Of course you check up on your own financial status and possibilities. But once you found something, you might want to use these tips and tricks to negotiate on a much lower price then is listed.

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The valuta effect – the impact of currency fluctuations on your investments


It’s common knowledge that a lot of the companies paying dividend for many years are based in the US. Being an European investor, it isn’t really a problem. We can buy (almost) every stock we want and the currencies are automatically being taken care off. Easy as that. Although, because it happens automatically we also don’t really know how much currency fluctuations is effecting our portfolio. So, time for me to check it out already.

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How to deal with mergers and acquisitions

When looking for growth within a company, often there will be money invested in their products or services and boost the sales for years to come. While this is always a plus side, there is another way in order to grow a company. Larger companies tend to pursue company growth by acquiring or take over small(er) companies and therefore expand there market or existing product line. Mergers and acquisitions are happening all year round, and there are a lot of speculations as to when and why companies are showing the ‘signs’ of doing an acquisition or are being preyed upon by other companies. And many times after a take-over, the stock price will take a flight up. For some investors this seems a quick way of increasing profit, but is it?

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New watchlist addition: Allergan $AGN

A photo by freestocks.org. unsplash.com/photos/nss2eRzQwgwWith all the tumult in the health sector and the fact that we were not able to close a buy on $ABC the other day. We changed direction towards another healthcare stock we were watching closely for a few months now. Allergan $AGN is a solid pharmaceutical company, which might be yet unknown in the DGI community. Probably because it has never, ever paid a dividend yet. But that’s about to change, and that’s why this stock definitely deserves to being watched closely.

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We traded in our car – update


Several weeks back I announced that we wanted to sell our car to increase our success rate or retiring early. By doing so we would gain some profit and were able to save more money each and every month. And as the guys from Dividend Diplomats would say: Every dollar counts.

In the past weeks we’ve made some progress on this, so I figured it was time to share an update with you guys. And let you all know how much money we would save by doing this. Continue reading

Recent Buy – Unilever ($UNA)


It’s been a while since we bought anything. Due too some busy weeks we took our time investigating several companies. (And we had to wait until we had enough money.) Instead of buying little chunks every month, we save up a money until we can at least invest €2000 in one stock. We do this to save on transaction cost through out the year (and long term). So in our case, this means we make a buy around once every two months.

Our newest addition: 53 shares of Unilever N.V.

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