New stock additions in January – SBUX & AGN


After the Trump rally in the end of 2016, now it just seems a lot of people don’t know yet what to expect. Very recent events has shown us that nothing is certain anymore and some very strange things are only just starting to surface. Nevertheless, the markets perform on all time highs. And with the possibility of more interest rate hikes, the coming year would most definitely an interesting (and a bit weird) year.

But what does this change for our investments? Nothing…

Like always, we are not aiming on finding the right momentum or timing the market. We haven’t made a new buy in the past 7 weeks. It has been a while, but found we should make some moves. So, we used our cash position to grow our stock portfolio a bit more.

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New watchlist addition: Allergan $AGN

A photo by all the tumult in the health sector and the fact that we were not able to close a buy on $ABC the other day. We changed direction towards another healthcare stock we were watching closely for a few months now. Allergan $AGN is a solid pharmaceutical company, which might be yet unknown in the DGI community. Probably because it has never, ever paid a dividend yet. But that’s about to change, and that’s why this stock definitely deserves to being watched closely.

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