With our portfolio, we focus on dividend growth stocks within Europe or the US. We try to aim at both growth and solid yield so you will see a mix of dividend champions and companies that don’t pay a dividend that long, but have a (hopefully) fast growing return on investment.

The portfolio on this blog will be updated monthly.

Last update: September 3th, 2017
Company Ticker Shares Cost basis Market value
Total     €38809.55  €46490.54
Amgen AMGN 14 1867.08 €2105.71
Allergan AGN 10 € 1975.52 €1916.64
Apple AAPL 36 2894.43  €4970.50
Bank of Nova Scotia BNS 22 1003.29  €1157.57
BE Semicond. Industries BESI 124 2461.97 €6894.40
Gilead Sciences GILD 37 4190.01 €3594.81
Intl. Business Machines Corp. IBM 20 2583.72 €2425.24
Johnson & Johnson JNJ 16 1463.88  €1764.46
LyondellBasell Industries LYB 13 995.26  €987.44
Marathon Petroleum Corp MPC 22 975.92 €1005.04
Mastercard MA 22 1916.17  €2467.05
Muenchener Ruck MUV2 7 1176.70 €1214.50
Nike NKE 42 € 1988.00 €1886.19
Procter & Gamble PG 22 1437.63  €1713.27
Royal Dutch Shell RDSA 110 € 2924.87  €2562.45
Starbucks SBUX 38 € 1983.39  €1756.77
TKH Group TWEKA 31 1034.45  €1560.54
Unilever UNA 53 2004.99  €2655.30
Walt Disney DIS 22 1957.81  €1879.36
Wells Fargo WFC 46 2014.04  €1973.30

6 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Not a bad looking portfolio at all with many names that I own too as well as others I have never heard of. I see both GILD and AMGN listed. I have had both on my watch list for a long time but still have not pulled the trigger yet. Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing your portfolio grow.


    • Thanks for the nice comment. We are focussed on a lot of European companies as well. GILD & AMGN are stocks we bought recently, where we averaged down on GILD strong since beginning of this year. In my opinion both companies are priced well at the moment and their pipelines look very promising.


  2. There are some great companies in this portfolio. I personally own only 3 from the list, but I guess it just shows that if you look, you can find some attractive opportunities even at current valuations.
    Do you have a fixed plan with your portfolio, like number of companies, allocation between US/EU, industries etc., or you just add to it whenever you see a good opportunity?


    • Thanks! We have another in common, but is not yet on the list (will be with novembers update), namely Unilever.

      We do try to balance as it comes to asset allocation so we are not to much weighing in on a certain industry, company or continent. But we have no fixed plan, like owning max. of 25% in a certain sector, continent or company. It’s more like, when it feels good it should be ok.


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