Monthly Dividend and Portfolio update – June 2017


Did you know June officially is the first month of the summer? On the 21st of June, we’ve had the first summer day of this year. It was on a Friday, and it couldn’t be a better start. Because the next day, we had our second BE & NL FIRE meet-up in Utrecht. We had wonderful talks and discussions and all in all had a great time. The third meeting is already being set up, and we’re making plans to grow the FIRE community throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

My look on FIRE has been changing lately, partly due to influences of others. It isn’t only about the numbers and waiting to reach a certain goal, but about radically changing your life so you have the power to fulfill your dreams as early as possible. FIRE to me is more about creating the time and opportunities to do so. But the numbers are equally fun while being in the building phase, and I get a lot of motivation from tracking my own results and seeing progress made by others. Our goal is to build up one or more passive income streams through investing in dividend growth stocks, and hopefully, we can add real estate to that list pretty soon as well.

With every month ending, I like to disclose what our progress is. How our investments played out, and what our further plans will be. Partly to be fully open in order to be accountable, and partly because I hope to show others some inspiration, ideas or just another mindset. Let’s get to it.

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New stock additions in January – SBUX & AGN


After the Trump rally in the end of 2016, now it just seems a lot of people don’t know yet what to expect. Very recent events has shown us that nothing is certain anymore and some very strange things are only just starting to surface. Nevertheless, the markets perform on all time highs. And with the possibility of more interest rate hikes, the coming year would most definitely an interesting (and a bit weird) year.

But what does this change for our investments? Nothing…

Like always, we are not aiming on finding the right momentum or timing the market. We haven’t made a new buy in the past 7 weeks. It has been a while, but found we should make some moves. So, we used our cash position to grow our stock portfolio a bit more.

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Recent buy – Nike ($NKE) – still growing strong


We planned on buying 2 more stocks before the year would end. Well, I’m glad that we already found 1 of them. In our watch list we mentioned a few Consumer Staple companies we had our eyes on. Nike being one of them. Although this powerhouse in athletic footwear and apparel is not a typical dividend stock, it’s wide moat and innovative business model says it’s a promising portfolio addition nonetheless.

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New watchlist addition: Allergan $AGN

A photo by all the tumult in the health sector and the fact that we were not able to close a buy on $ABC the other day. We changed direction towards another healthcare stock we were watching closely for a few months now. Allergan $AGN is a solid pharmaceutical company, which might be yet unknown in the DGI community. Probably because it has never, ever paid a dividend yet. But that’s about to change, and that’s why this stock definitely deserves to being watched closely.

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Recent Buy – Unilever ($UNA)


It’s been a while since we bought anything. Due too some busy weeks we took our time investigating several companies. (And we had to wait until we had enough money.) Instead of buying little chunks every month, we save up a money until we can at least invest €2000 in one stock. We do this to save on transaction cost through out the year (and long term). So in our case, this means we make a buy around once every two months.

Our newest addition: 53 shares of Unilever N.V.

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Stock analysis: A closer look at medical distribution companies – $CAH, $ABC & $MCK

A photo by JOHN TOWNER. the current pressure on prices within the healthcare market, you can notice the higher volatility in this segment. We already own a big slice of healthcare in our portfolio ($JNJ, $AMGN and $GILD), so we checked out a favorite of the past few weeks in the DGI community: Cardinal Health. And made a deep dive into two of it’s peers – AmerisourceBergen and McKesson to compare the competition.

Medical distribution is a sub industry within healthcare which are less dependent on drug prices than, for example, biotech. Therefore it’s a nice ‘escape’ from the pressured drug manufactures, but you will still be able to profit from the longterm potential of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. 

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Introducing our watchlist

Watchlist-intro.jpgFrom the start of this blog we already gave insights in our stock holdings and how they performed. In the background we keep a watchlist via Google Finance, with a list of companies we follow over a period of time. Some of these companies may not be known to everyone, and might be an interesting investment opportunity. So we decided to share our stock watchlist with all of you. Hopefully it inspires you the seem as all the available lists has inspired us.

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From worst to best performing stock in our portfolio – BESI

While managing your investment portfolio, there are certain ways you can boost your returns upwards. One of them is averaging down. Our best example where we used this strategy, was when a stock we then recently bought fell down in price hard. We did what every investor would do, we worried a bit. If you experience something similar, questions which can pop up in your head could be: Should we sell? Wait it out? What if the market know something you don’t? We bought stocks of a fundamentally good company, but didn’t really knew the business behind it. Back then we bought it high priced and soon after, it became our worst performing stock in our portfolio. But we managed to turn it around. How? Because we averaged down on a good company.

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