The effects of instant gratification on millennials…


The millennial generation consists of persons born in between 1980 and 2000. The term ‘Millennial’ was coined up by Strauss and Howe in 1987.

But what makes an individual a millennial? Is it being lazy? The love for travel? The ‘I want to do everything my own way’ attitude? Do we really don’t know how to handle money?

Who knows?

I was born in 1987 and therefore I’m officially placed in the millennial generation (born between 1984-2000), although on the outer end. The strange thing is that I never felt connected with ‘being a millennial’ at all. For a lot of people, it’s the lost generation that is so hard to influence and is doing everything different than what is expected of ‘normal’ people. Are Millennials that much different?

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The 10 must-read business books for 2017


Reading is a powerful habit. No wonder that this is the number 1 advice given by some of the most successful people. There is a hidden power in reading every day. By contiously reading every day, week and year you will learn. You can become a better person, become a little wiser and discover all that is around you. There are a lot of classics that you should read, like The Intelligent Investor, but what are the newsworthy newcomers of last year?

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My goal for 2017: turning goals into habits


A lot of lists wit new years resolutions already popped up in the online community. So after reading some and finding my own goals of this year were not all met, I started thinking of how to make a list for my own. Although I didn’t meet all goals from last year, I’m still very pleased with were we are now and how far we have come. Setting up financial goals is not that easy, because they are easily affected by other circumstances. Like getting another job, buying a house or something else. Therefore I’m changing the way on how I set up goals for the next year.

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The freedom of spending time on your own terms


Today I had one of the best days in a long time, and was part of something beautiful that was shared with me. I became aunt to a beautiful, little niece. Seeing such a small human being with two very proud and amazed parents is something I can’t put to words. There is no other experience similar. For this reason I spend the last two days almost entirely with my family.

Everybody has their own goals in life, and makes different decisions in how to live life. All of this results in these and other beautiful moments. The best thing about those moments? To be able to share it with others. So what has this little blog to do with that? Not much, but it got me thinking.

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The key to happiness? Don’t strive for perfection


Happiness is a topic often talked about. From a personal point of view, I try to make decisions based on what makes me happy. Although it may differ for everyone of us. When talking about happiness, many refer to topics like having a lot of money, having a important big-shot job, achieving world-wide fame, aiming to become the next Elon Musk or just having it all. It points out that happiness would mean you have it better then most. A conversation I had this week kept me thinking about what it really means to actually feel happy.

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Selling our car is more than just saving money, it’s a change in thinking

photo-1456082902841-3335005c3082.jpgIn the western world we’re pretty used to own a car. Although almost every household owns at least one. A car is probably one of the least interesting investments you can make. A car devaluates over the years, is very high maintenance and is a luxury you don’t always need. Per month a lot of our money is being poured into our car through taxes, insurance, gas and maintenance. Because we own a high end car, changing it for a cheaper one would mean we could save money and allocate more into our investments. We could reduce our years we need to spend working, and be financially independent rather sooner than later. In short, it is the best thing to do.

We made this decision 2 days ago. This decision means more to us than just saving money. And I wanted to share what has led us to making this decision, which will be part 1 of this story.

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Our investment & personal goals for 2016


Now that we have our own blog to track all of our investment progress and our financial journey, the next step is setting goals to motivate ourselves getting the most out of it. I’ve seen several other blogs that have written down some of their own goals, which is quite the inspiration for us and probably also for others. It reminds us on keep going and to remember what we want to achieve in our lives. Although 2016 is already over the half of the year, we thought it was a good idea to set some goals anyway.

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