All good things come to an end


It all started on a sunny day in June of the year 2016. There was this simple idea to use the online world as a method to track down my investment progress. A rather personal showcase of the pursuit of financial independence and the journey it takes to get there. On that particular day in June, I shared with my husband that I liked the idea of having a blog. His answer? ‘Go for it.’ A little later Divnomics was born. 

Fast forward 30 months, and here we are today. 

Within the past 3 years of the existence of this blog, things have happened that I could never imagine. You might think that blogging is something you do alone, locked in a room with nothing more than a laptop. But that image couldn’t be further from the truth. I have been to around 7 FIRE meet-ups, met dozens of people who are involved with investing or personal finance in some way and learned to open up about my vision of money with others. Made new friends, got lots of new insights and am very grateful for the journey so far. 

And it’s exactly that journey that leads me to this choice…

This post will be the last one published on Divnomics.

At first, the only thing I wanted to change was the name. Divnomics was set up so I could track our trajectory of dividend investing. And well, since we sold our entire dividend stock portfolio in November 2017… It is about time to shake things up.

Why the change?

Divnomics was and is a blog which originally focused on Dividend Growth Investing, tracking a portfolio and dividend income, give insight into the stocks we bought and share anything related to it. Hence the name of the blog.

In my FIRE journey, there have been some changes where the story has outgrown the name.

First, we stopped investing in dividend stocks and started investing in real estate. 

Secondly, my writings have expanded from stocks and investing posts, onto something broader and touch several other topics I’m either very interested in or is a different part of the financial independence spectrum. Like developing the right mindset, the search for more freedom overall and other money or life-related insights.

The whole idea of being financially independent, ironically, has nothing to do with money. It’s much more a philosophical pursuit than a financial one. Where we aim to get rid of the ‘looking financial successful’ concept and replace it with feeling financially strong. I have been wrapping my mind around ideas like how less spending fuels happiness, how a lot of important things in our lives don’t have a price tag and that success and wealth follow suit from focusing on that what is meaningful to you.

Within my journey to financial independence, I had been focussing on the money aspect quite some time. Other area’s in my life didn’t always get the same attention. My health, social relationships, and work ethic were neglected over time. Not something I am very proud of. Since FIRE is more of a lifestyle than a job replacement, my focus shifted towards getting the most out of life right now, instead of later on. Which also means there are more things worth to invest in. 

Next steps

Based on this, I wanted to create a new blog where I wouldn’t feel limited to the niche topic the old name refers to. Where a mix of personal stories, real estate adventures and general insights would co-exist. Both in a financial and a philosophical view.

Thus, I introduce to you:


We continue our journey of building wealth through real estate investing. And although wealth is often associated with a millionaire lifestyle, it doesn’t have to be. 

“When you discover you have more money than time, you should stop pursuing money and focus on getting the most out of your time.”

– tweet by Jonathan Clements

If you were reading Divnomics for the dividend investing updates, I don’t know why you are still here… But I can recommend you to take a look at DividendDiplomats, which was one of the first dividend blogs that led me to FIRE. For all else, I understand if what I write won’t always be of everyone’s interest. If you want any topic, question or situation covered, just let me know!

Most of all, I hope you will follow along on the next wealth!

See you there.

The Ever-Growing Reading List

reading more books

It’s one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions and a commonly broken one as well. While numerous investors, big time entrepreneurs and other successful persons swear by it, it is not always that easy to follow suit.

We’re talking about reading books, obviously. Everybody wants to do it more often, but (almost) never get around to it.

I’ve been saying for over a year that I want to read more, and partially I did. I read massive amounts of blog post since I started blogging myself, more then I would even hold imaginable. But reading books has become neglected because of it. So, what happened? Why didn’t I ‘just start’ reading more? Just setting the goal to read more isn’t magically going to help you to actually read more. But that’s about to change.

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The Past & The Future – The Beginning of a New Year


With the holidays behind us, our lives slowly return to our regular daily routines. Some of you might have had some time off while others were working in quiet offices. Nonetheless, it’s always a different vibe around Christmas and New Years.

Our habit to reflect on the past and make plans for the future around new years might be a whole lot older than we think.

The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus. He had two faces – one looking to the future and one to the past at the same time – is one of the oldest god known to man and one of the most famous one as well, back in the day. Many referred to him as the god of beginnings, the light, movement, transitions, change, or the passing of time. His resemblance was used to portray doors, entrances, banners and of course: money.

In essence, he became a symbol of the progress from past to future.

And as we enter January goals and resolutions are being set for a new year. That what we have learned from our reflection is turned into plans to make it an even better year to come. It’s an old habit we can’t get rid off, apparently. 

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Hooked on Podcasts – My Personal Favorites For 2018

Best Podcasts of 2017

Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash

I’m hooked. I always thought podcasts were fun to listen to and hid a world of information. And it is!

I started listening to podcasts around 9 months ago but got into speed dial when I got a longer commute since the past month or so. The best thing about podcasts, besides that you can listen to it anywhere and everywhere, is that it’s both entertaining and could provide some amazing insights.

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A Change in Course – Quitting my Job and on to The Next

getting a new job

In the past few weeks, I hadn’t had much focus on writing blog posts anymore. I had to focus on some new possibilities which would make a far greater impact on my way of living. One of them was the search for a new job, a pretty time-consuming thing to do. Since a few months, I have been focusing more on a new career move.

Finding the next step would mean 2 things: I would have the opportunity to find something I find more challenging and worthwhile (more than I do now) and changing jobs mostly entails a bigger increase in a paycheck as well!
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Minimalism: It Is All About Simplicity


As we are making progress and reaching out to others we notice a lot of people who are decluttering, for several reasons. It will clear up space in your home, you can sell the items for money and it will help you let go the feeling of ownership more.

Either you do it out of frugal reason, or a minimalist approach, it fits perfectly in a lifestyle where consumerism isn’t the biggest driver to make you feel happy.

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Procrastinating on Your Job? Bad Idea


When we started invested almost 3 years ago, our first objective was to get rich(er). We started buying stocks of which we believed would reach up to great heights so we would be able to cash in.  Of course, this wasn’t build to last. By researching more and more about investment strategies and how to deal with money, I stumbled on some PF blogs that were talking about a whole different way of thinking than we had at that time.

So, we shifted our focus to the long haul and started investing in dividend stocks. Aiming for a more meaningful and happy life by reaching financial independence, and the freedom to do whatever we choose. In other words, being opportunity-rich and time rich.

I can tell you, that it’s working. And over the years we’ve built up a small portfolio providing us with some passive income. We’re still far from reaching financial independence and it will take over ten years before we get there. The thing is, my objective that motivated me on this journey was the promise that one day I would be able to stop working my day job and could ‘finally’ pursue what I really wanted and when I wanted it. But I’m not that willing to wait until then, in order to pursue the things I like to do now.

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Wanderlust, why do we travel?

Yesterday morning our alarm clock went off at 5 o’clock. Ridiculously early. But for a good reason. Our plane would depart only a few hours later. Bringing us to the destination where we are spending the next two weeks driving around in the West of the US. And here I am writing this blog post…

We planned our trip at the beginning of this year, because due to a tight study schedule from Mr, Divnomics, we can’t find much time throughout the year to leave the country. 

Almost there

On my work I’ve had many coworkers tipping us on what we should be doing in the US. And while I was finishing up the last working tasks, it also reminded me that our last vacation with a duration longer than a week, had been 4 years ago. While we have made some short trips, this one feels really big. Not only because we leave for longer period than normally, but also because of the greater distance. We are currently 8600 km (or 5300 miles) away from our home in The Netherlands.

Lately, it seems like every millenial is traveling to all kinds of far and exotic places, or all over the world at once. I came across an article the other day which told the story of the youngest person to ever visited every country of this earth. He was only 24 when he already had visited all 196 countried. His reason? He just wanted to see more and decided to go everywhere.  

And what does this have to do with financial independence?

Well, on our journey to FIRE so far, it has become clear that spending money on material things doesn’t always add more value to our life. But relationships, having a purpose and certain experiences do.

Traveling is such an experience that can truly add value to your life.

And millennials are THE group of people that prefer experiences far more than others, 6 out of 10 would rather spend money on this than on material things. And what better experience than travel?

In todays age, where internet has connected everything and everybody online so easily, it’s no surprise all kinds off wanderlust adventures pop up. With pictures being shared of far destinations, gourgeous views and adventurous activities on instagram or other social media. It’s no surprise that so many millennials have traveling on the top of their wishlist. 

According to Wikipedia, wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. 

So where does this wanderlust comes from?
There are numerous reason why anyone should or wants to travel. As with finance, these reasons can be very personal. But overall there are some reasons that just keep coming back:

You can indulge in new cultures

Where ever you go, people live according to different customs. Opening up to different cultures and getting to know them can really deepen your understanding about this little world of ours.

It’s the perfect way to meet new

It’s very easy to connect to other travelers because you already have something in common: traveling. And locals always know the best places to visit, especially non-tourist places which can be very interesting. Who knows what they can bring you? 

We once got into a conversation with a Texan who did a pelgrimidge by foot from France to Portugal. And he found very cheap accommedation with a klooster in Porto (Portugal). So if we would ever travel again there, we know where to stay and save a bit of money on the same time! 

Food! It just tastes so good

Ok, there are some things we might not want to try. But in general you can find delicious types of food in every country. The special thing about it? It always tastes the best when it’s authentic. Like a home made Italian pasta made by a local family. So where to eat better than in the land of origin?

There is just so much beauty to be seen

We aren’t the typical world travellers. But we know what’s out there, yet to be discovered. What can be normal for one person could be very special to others, like the tulip fields in the Netherlands, a hectic medina in Marrakech or Sakura blossoms in Japan.

We aim to see, discover and learn yet so much more. We’re in no rush, we still have many years ahead of us. 

For the coming weeks we have our first trip on US grounds. Where we expect to experience all kinds of new things. Like enjoying the view over the Grand Canyon, driving through death valley, looking up to immense sequoia trees and visit the coast in San Fransisco. 

The activities on this blog might slow down a bit while we’re traveling around.

But we are sharing our vacation via Twitter, just because we believe it would be a hell of an experience. At least, when we have WiFi. So if you didn’t already follow us on Twitter, just click this link.

While browsing through other personal finance blogs, I’ve read many travelstories. Which is a great inspiration of what’s even possible. Like The Dividend Guy who set out to travel around the world in one year with his family, or Justin from Root of Good who has planned a 9 week trip through Europe (and for very little money). 

We know that for us, it has only just begon.