Our investment strategy

Every investor has his own strategy when it comes down to investing. One of the most heard ‘rules’ is: ‘stick to what you know‘ from Warren Buffet, especially for investors who are just starting.

We follow the basic principles of value investing and dividend growth investing (DGI) and combine them with the core-satellite strategy. As we take the freedom of don’t follow 1 vast strategy but mix them up. We do the same with evaluating companies. There are certain KPI’s we look at while we evaluating a company, but don’t have a list of metrics each stock has to meet. We value every company in their own specific segment and market. The most important aspect for us: the growth potential for the long term.

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How it all started

Our journey with investing already started 2 years ago. It seems like a long time. But if you compare it to the average time-span of long-term investing, it’s nothing.

Everybody has different motives and reasons to start with investing. Some like the extra money, others want to become filthy rich. We started because we like the idea of financial independence. To reach the point where you be able to stop working and live off your investments if we choose to.

But back in 2014, we didn’t know anything yet about DGI, financial independence or even compounding. So how did we get here?


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