One Year Blogaversary

The thing about time is, sometimes it feels like it passes you by in an instant. No matter how much has happened in a certain timeline. Or better yet, the more that has happened, the more it feels like it was only yesterday. Which is kind of a contradiction really.

Which is exactly how I feel right now. It has been only 1 year ago since Divnomics saw the light. And so much has happened since.


One year already has passed since I started out with blogging on Divnomics. Since then, our portfolio kept on growing, I’ve learned a lot more about investing, read many great blogs and articles and even met a few other bloggers and readers in real life.

A whole new world has opened up to me, as I never realized how many like-minded people are pursuing the same thing we do: achieving (financial) freedom. It definitely helped us in multiple ways to strengthen our FI mindset.

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