About us

Hi, and welcome to Divnomics.

We are a couple in their late 20’s and begin 30’s, who started investing in 2014. I, Mrs. Divnomics, work in the e-commerce sector and Mr. Divnomics works in the financial industry. We live in a nice and quiet suburb, near a big city in the Netherlands.

We just started with reading a few blog here and there within the DGI community (which we really like by the way but noticed that there aren’t so many Dutch blogs about financial independence. So we started our own.

What got us into investing..?

In the Netherlands a pension would normally start at the age of 65. Since a couple of years however, this has been changed. Every year, 2 months will be added to this age. For me, this means I have to keep working until the wonderful age of 71. If this wasn’t enough, the retirement payments of employees was lowered (so you build up less capital) and a lot of retirement funds are now cutting payments to retirees because of the low interest. Because there is so much uncertainty and we didn’t want to wait until 71 before quitting our jobs, we took matters into our own hands.

At the beginning I had no knowledge whatsoever about finance, investing or even how to buy a stock. Mr. Divnomics however, has always been interested in money and investing. He works at an international division of a Dutch bank and knows his stuff about finance. But because two still know more than one, he convinced me to do it together.

Investment journey

We began our journey with reading a lot of books – like The intelligent investor – to gain more knowledge. We shared our insights and thoughts together. And before I knew it, we already bought our first stock. Since then, we made a lot of progress and made a lot of changes to our investing strategy. I’m lucky to have somebody who could teach me a thing or two, and to share interesting thoughts or discussions. Half way through 2015 we found out about dividend investing. And from there on off, we started our path towards financial independence.

For us financial independence means being able to stop working if we choose to. Luckily, for now, we both really enjoy our current jobs and see no reason to quit at a very early age. This also gives us the opportunity to really maximize our profit with the power of compounding on the long term. We’re  probably not as frugal as most people who pursue financial independence. We like to do nice things and buy good quality stuff, but we ask ourselves the same question with every spending: is it worth the money? We balance spending and income to a level which we feel comfortable with. As long as it’s fit in our investment strategy.

With this blog we will be able to share our thoughts and ideas about investing with you and many others. To hopefully share some of our knowledge, journey and lots of ideas.

Thanks for stopping by. Take a look around and hopefully you will enjoy it!

13 thoughts on “About us

  1. Nice to find other Dutch FIRE bloggers in cyberspace! Good for you you have started your FIRE journey at this age. You have got a beautiful blog, nice clean layout. Good luck!


    • Great to see that there are other Dutch bloggers indeed! We’re very fortuned we came across this path early on. Especially because the retirement age will be getting stretched more and more in the Netherlands. Who wants to work till 70?

      Thanks for your kind words. After reading all the english it’s quite refreshing to read a FIRE blog in Dutch 🙂 Was not aware that we were able to invest tax deferred. It’s good to find some info on all the possibilities in the Netherlands. Will def drop by more often.


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  3. Fascinating info about the pension system. We should do this for Social security in the US!

    I love Amsterdam and would totally relocate there for 6 months a year. Good living!

    Which city do u live near?



    • Great to hear you like it. There are many differences in how everything is covered between our countries.

      I live close to Utrecht, also a very nice city to visit. Amsterdam is the most diverse city, but also with a lot of tourism. Still, a very good place to live for sure!

      If you’re ever going to the Netherlands and need some tips… just let us know!


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