FIRE in the Netherlands – continuing the talks


Last weekend it was that time of the year again. On a bloody hot summer day, we decided to sit inside all day talking about money, investing, wealth and other life questions that pass by when you’re on the journey to FIRE.

Cheesy Finance had organized yet another NL FIRE Meet-up, one we could actually bike towards this time!

As always there were some great guest speakers to talk about related topics. Adine from Lekker Leven Met Minder spoke about how you can earn money blogging, a crowdfunding expert talked about investing via… well uhm, crowdfunding of course. And our friend from The Pursuit of HOT led a discussion on how EVERYTHING is negotiable.

Besides the guest talks, there was more than enough time to mingle and talk to one and another, and I’m sure I still missed talking to some.

As this was our fifth time attending, we noticed that the focus on investing (or saving) only has shifted a bit to the more softer side of personal finance:

  • What do you do once you reach financial independence?
  • How do you deal with other people (or partners) in your journey?
  • How can you optimize your daily life in one of more joy and freedom?
  • The impact of sharing on your energy level, dreams, and growth.
  • Inspiring each other and get inspired by being open to one another.
  • Shifting the mindset in it’s all about the money to it’s all about HOT.
  • How the barrier of quitting a day job is bigger than you thought.
  • What brings true value to your life and what not?
  • How our mind is telling us the same stories over and over again and FIRE is about breaking out of the status quo.

Basically saying that aiming for FIRE is about more than hitting a number and is nothing more than a lifestyle choice. A choice that leads you forward into new possibilities, ones you have never thought of before and is opening up a different kind of life than that we are all used so used to.

I’m grateful to know and regularly meet these group of wonderful people.

And in order to fill up the gaps between the 4 meet-ups per year, and I set up a Slack group together in order to continue the talks online and for whoever is interest in reaching FIRE in the Netherlands (or Belgium).

If you’re interested to join, you can do so via this sign-up link.

We are happy to see you there!

9 thoughts on “FIRE in the Netherlands – continuing the talks

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  2. I wish we had something similar in Denmark. Would love to meet like minded people in my area! Do you speak Dutch or English in the Slack group?


  3. Ola, the Slack link seems no longer active… But I’d love to join! I’m both active on my own blog and in the Tweakers FO topic. Been on this journey for 3 years now, and pretty committed! Would be lovely to visit one of the meetups as well.


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