Hooked on Podcasts – My Personal Favorites For 2018

Best Podcasts of 2017

Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash

I’m hooked. I always thought podcasts were fun to listen to and hid a world of information. And it is!

I started listening to podcasts around 9 months ago but got into speed dial when I got a longer commute since the past month or so. The best thing about podcasts, besides that you can listen to it anywhere and everywhere, is that it’s both entertaining and could provide some amazing insights.

All podcasts I have listened to, have given me value in the form of knowledge or insight, and I can put it directly to use in improving my mindset, integrate it in my work ethic or even in my relationship. Or just use it as input for blogging material. Others are just simply genius and/or extremely fun to listen to. And because everyone always ends the year with a list post, here is mine. 

Personal development is most times an inherent part of the journey of life, and for certainty in the journey to FIRE. There are endless of ways of getting in on this. Reading books, keeping a journal, listening to podcasts, asking thoughtful questions, meditating and having discussions with others. All-together they pave the path for your very own personal growth journey. Even if you pick only one method, you are off to a different version of yourself in the future. And if you’re passionate about maximizing your life experiences and eager to get to know more than you already know, you’ve probably tried more than one of these in the past year. 

Equipped with my iPhone 6 and a headphone, I’ve been listening while commuting to get some talkative wisdom on my way to work and back home. Better yet, I even listen when doing groceries, cooking dinner and cleaning my house. 

Besides the traffic noises, which sometimes causes me to max out the volume and almost hurt my ears while listening, the podcasts are a joy to listen to. It’s a great and mostly passive way of absorbing information, distill ideas from, be entertained by awesome stories or get your mind spinning. 

At every year’s end, it’s a common thing to write a list. In every online corner, you’ll find a listicle on the best books of 2017, the biggest investing trends or 10 tips to set up your goals for next year. 

This is my list. A list of podcasts I listen too and find valuable to share with all of you. Or that made my list to start within the next year to come. 

The first podcast I listened too was ChooseFI, one that has been talked about numerous times in the personal finance community. And no wonder, the sexy voice intro sets high expectations and it’s a great way to get into the deep on several financial topics. More finance – and blogging – related podcasts entered from there. Like Radical Personal Finance, Do You Even Blog (DYEB), ProBlogger and BiggerPockets.

All are of high quality and will not let you down. A list of finance-related podcasts might not be adding something new to the table. If it does, you better make sure to take a look at the podcast directory of Rockstar Finance, where more of these awaits you.

In the past year, I’ve switched between a few podcasts, have had momentarily favorites and started noting down shows that I should listen to in the near future. From all of that, I came to the following list of podcasts worth your while:

The Minimalists 

One of the shows I listened to from the beginning, and still listen to from time to time. Even if it’s only for hearing their voices, which are very easy in the ear. Their own journey and how the approaching life and people are very interesting and an inspiration to better your own. The key thought of acquiring value by focusing on what matters most in your life (or others) instead of you have to own the least ‘stuff’ as possible before you can call yourself a minimalist is refreshing and truly what makes me set my own version of minimalism.

My personal favorite:

The Tim Ferris Show

A no-brainer. If you haven’t started yet, you should. Long podcasts, some even hitting the 3-hour range, but goes really deep in the motivation, journeys and key learnings from all kinds of people around the world covering a range of topics. Because of this, it’s a very diverse show which makes you think.

Most related to FIRE:
“#221: Mr. Money Mustache – Living Beautifully on $25-27K Per Year”

Planet Money

Short podcasts on all kinds of topics and the economics behind it. Ranging from North Korean Capitalists to Spreadsheets! and A Trunk Full of Truffles. Told in the form of a sort of radio play, it’s fun to listen too. Some are just nice for entertainment, others give great insight into the bigger pictures. Some I skipped because I wasn’t that interested in the topic, but there are more of enough left to listen to. 

Consumer psychology (or not?):
“#55 Why Is The Milk In The Back Of The Store?”


All you ever wanted to know about investing in real estate is being covered. For me, it was a whole new world opening up when we started our journey into real estate.  The only downside is that the show is mainly focused on the US. Some topics I have skipped because of it, but the biggest chunk is definitely worth listening to. If you want to get to learn about mindset, strategy, and hacks on real estate, this is the podcast to go to.

Best one to start with:
“#11: The Ultimate Beginner’s Podcast For Real Estate Investors”


Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt are the authors of the books Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics and Think Like A Freak. The show (and the books) are based on their research and explain the hidden side of everything, literally everything. Not every show was evenly interesting, but due to the broad range of topics and many shows, there’s always something. You can tell the stories are based on well-done research and bring some new light on sometimes ordinary topics. 

Most intriguing so far:
“Thinking Is Expensive. Who’s Supposed to Pay for It?”

Hardcore History

Recommended to me on the last BE/NL FIRE Meet-up. Long, very long shows about history. For the ones that dig it, and can listen to it for hours, it’s quite interesting. I’ve only listened to one show yet, but the way   Dan Carling is telling it is like hearing an exciting bedtime story. New shows only come out twice per year, but it’s very detailed and shows a hidden side of history not very known to many. This is perfect for whenever you really have some time off to sink down into a good story. 

The only show I listened to (yet)
“Blueprint for Armageddon l”

The Knowledge Project

Podcast from Shane Parrish from the platform Farnam Street. Literally, everything coming out on his blog or podcast keeps you thinking for at least a week. Very thought provoking and helpful in building a critical yet growing mindset. 

Looking forward to the most:
“Alexander Shelley on The Architecture of Music, The Popularity of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony”

TED Radio Hour

Famous from many talks, TED let you discover worldly visions of people who bring unique and intriguing ideas to life. I already loved watching TED Talks, but with this podcasts, it has become easier to get combined stories on one certain topic at a time. Or how what they say themselves: a journey through fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to think and create.

My personal favorite:
“The Power of Design”

One downside of listening to podcasts is that it eats up the data storage on your phone. It happened to me quite a few times that app crashed because I had too many downloaded episodes. I had to change the settings so that only 1 episode per show would be downloaded, and all that was listened to would be trashed immediately. Still, it restricts me to the number of shows I can have listed in Overcast. Especially when one show is extremely long, like the ones of Hardcore History…

There are so many great shows out there, that I can’t listen to all of them. For now, I listen only to the above until I’ve found my way through their archives. Which will take a while. When that happens, or when I get bored, I also have a list of podcasts as backlog for whenever I’m ready for them. I haven’t listened to them yet, so I can’t tell you my personal opinion about them. But they should be good:

  • The Art of Charm 
  • 99% invisible
  • Hidden Brain
  • How I built this
  • Superinvestors and the art of worldly wisdom

With Christmas time you might be spending endless hours on buying and receiving presents, visiting family or cooking delicious dinners. But when the holidays take off, it’s also a time of reflection, making new plans and getting some time for yourself. If any of you have some time off, want to try something new or want to spend some time for themselves. One of the above podcast might provide for some quality time.

Do you already listen to podcasts? Any similarities to my list? Some you like, or don’t like and why? If you have any other that’s worth mentioning, please do.

14 thoughts on “Hooked on Podcasts – My Personal Favorites For 2018

  1. Nice selection! Listened to a couple of podcasts at work, but that does not work very well (pun intended). Might need to start trying this during the commute or in the evening (still don’t have a (new) TV).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great list. Ive heard of some of them. You make.me wanna chrck out the tim Ferris podcast. Ive heard of it before. I listen to dave Ramsey, joe rogan, choosefi and the ted talks. Does you car not have a alt in? Can hook your phone up to that so it comes from speakers.

    My wife bought me a bluetooth toque last yr. Was only like 20 bucks but i use it constantly!
    Thanks again for the list. Merry christmas


  3. Hi, nice list, I am going to add a few to the list I also listen too, when I have some more time 🙂
    I would also recommend Radiolab and this american life, beautiful radio.

    Liked by 1 person

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