Dividend & Portfolio update – May 2017

Monthly dividend and investing update

Another month in the books. Only one left to go and we’re already halfway through this year! We’ve made some new steps in our real estate venture and our monthly dividend has never been this high before. Partially because of a very unexpected special dividend we have gotten. Always nice to earn some extra without lifting a finger. All in all, it was a great month.

After the deception of last months results, things couldn’t have gone better this time around. We’ve received the late dividends of Munich RE and got a surprise extra dividend from BESI. Resulting in our best month ever!

We still have our buying spree for stocks on hold for a while so we can save up the cash position we need to use as a down payment on the rental property. It’s been interesting to notice how good it felt to be buying stocks and see the dividend trickling in. And how much I miss this…. I found out how dependent I’ve become to get a kick out of it. Speaking of ‘don’t get emotionally attached’… nearly impossible, I’m sure of it now.

This also made me think of how often I check the stats on the portfolio, the blog and even social media. Which is daily, of course. I rarely get impacted anymore by negative results (which isn’t always good either), but how I’ve misjudged the effects of seeing positive results and how quickly you’ll be addicted to ‘checking on progress’. I’ve tried to check in on our portfolio less often the last few weeks, and now I have days that I just forgot to check at all… I do believe in tracking your progress, without it there is less focus on growth. It can not hurt to do it a little less, right?

Finally, I decided to introduce myself in the Rockstar Forums, which I should have done months ago. Earlier I blamed a lack of time on not joining the forum actively. Which is never e really good excuse to not do something. After blaming time for a while, I just get the introduction over with and started to add my piece of mind on the forum.
I love how helpful people are and how many interesting topics arise. A second thing I started to notice recently is how focused it was on the American experience. A lot of the topics are involving US regulations, standards or views. There is an EU thread, but not very active at the moment. Only illustrates how relevant my post was about FIRE in Europe the other day.

Real estate update

This will be very short. One of the things we’ve done is talking with some real estate agents in order to get to know a few things about buying in a certain area and renting out in general.

Secondly, we’ve been doing an awful lot of reading, talking and discussing the next steps. The plan is to give an update or share some thoughts about real estate once per month on this blog. If you want to know our latest update, you can read the article below.

We wanted to step it up a bit and joined a real estate meet-up one night, which resulted in getting free tickets from another participant to a real estate seminar later this month. Networking is paying off here!

Further reading: Our First Steps of Investing in the Real Estate Market

Financial update

Our portfolio doesn’t grow as fast as we were used to because we haven’t added any new positions since last January. The change between both months below is only due to market conditions. Clearly, the market has done a little worse than expected, or probably only the stocks that we own currently. 


Our total portfolio value is currently  €45.685,71, which is a bit lower than last month. And this is actually the first month that we didn’t realize a positive growth rate in our portfolio. We hope to get back to buying stocks within a few months from now, or as soon as we got enough to buy some stocks again. That way, we can still get some of those favored dividends before the year ends. And it will boost our portfolio for further growth.

Compared to last month our portfolio has decreased by -2.65%. And compared to last year our portfolio has increased with +64%% in value. Still growing, just not as much as it used to.


As for our received dividends, this was a stellar month! Our biggest surprise was when BESI decided to pay a special dividend on top of their yearly dividend increase. The dividends we received from BESI alone were already more than we had received in total last year.

Also, Munich RE joined the party after they decided to delay their payout from April to May.

Because of several yearly dividend paying companies, who pay up in May, this is expected to be our best month this year. We didn’t only beat the 200 euro mark, which is the first ever. But even managed to receive over 300 euro for this month. Our total for the month comes down at 318.98 euro after taxes. Compared to last year this is an increase of 73%, that’s what I’m talking about!


A nice little bonus was that we sold an older sports watch last month for 70 euros. After Kings Day in the Netherlands, we decided to start selling some of our stuff in order to get something extra. And it is the perfect way to getting a more minimal, and meaningful life.

What we really are looking forward to next month are the FIRE meet-up in Utrecht, the real estate seminar we have free tickets for and getting back a tax refund!

How was your month? Good, bad or something in between? Have some new records to share or awesome results that you have achieved? Excited that summer is coming? Let us know!

16 thoughts on “Dividend & Portfolio update – May 2017

  1. Nice dividend results…

    to quote you: “and now I have days that I just forgot to check at all… ” Excellent, this is how it should be. I got that feeling after a ski holiday.


  2. You guys are on a roll. Glad to see the active approach to get yourselfs to FIRE. I have no doubt in my mind that you guys will get there faster than you think.
    Congrats on this great dividend month, that is one heck of an increase. Hopefully BESI will be nice to you next year too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great results for the month of May. With that dividend income rolling in (regular plus special) it all counts. Keep up the good work and look forward to reading about more of your sales from “stuff” you are getting rid of. I’m sure we can all lose a few things we no longer use or want and rake in some extra cash while cleaning up some clutter. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Dividend increases and special dividends are some of the many great sides of dividend investing. And they just happen without any actions required from your side. I bet your employer wouldn’t do this just for sitting by your desk 🙂


  5. Again great results. Massive increase on 2016! And good to see you taking a step back on the checking part. I’m also in the same boat and want to free up my mind more then worrying about what stock to buy next or what my portfolio is worth (-€113,- at the moment). Nice side hustle btw!


  6. Great month! That dividend growth is awesome. Great feeling to not only break your prior record but shatter it. Looking forward to seeing that dividend snowball keep rolling.


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