Monthly Dividend & Portfolio Update – April 2017

Monthly dividend update

Well, it happened, for the first time ever our dividend hasn’t grown year over year. And to put it blankly, it actually decreased a lot. But, we haven’t lost anything. The biggest chunk of our ‘normal’ April payments will now be paid in May. Therefore our results for this month a quite a bit skewered.

I promise, that this hole will be filled though. Big Time. Because on the other part, we managed to get an amazing additional income for this month. Our savings have been flooded by something we had been waiting for, for over 6 months now….

Financial update

We had our best month yet as it comes to total income. Because finally, we have sold our Audi after six months! We’ve decided to sell it in October last year. But had troubles finding the right buyer (who would be willing to pay up). Still, as of April 217, we managed to sell it and we have got an additional 11.000 euro on top of our regular income. Everything is coming very nicely together. We need the funds to start up our real estate project. And tadaa., there it is.

Overall, April has been a very solid month. We had a whopper income from the sales of our car, made the first steps into real estate investing and filed for our 2016 taxes (which will also promise to have a nice payout in May or June).

We haven’t made any new additions to our portfolio, and are choosing to wait for a little while longer. Although this stagnates the growth in our forward dividend income, we want to put away some extra money in our real estate project. First things first. As it turns out we might not get the loan or mortgage we want to (where other Dutch bloggers seem to face the same walls), so we want to make sure we have enough funds when we buy a property. Just in case. The two downsides here are that we halt buying stocks for a while, and we might be able to use less leverage for the rental property. In the meantime, our search for a property continues, and we don’t know yet when we will have some more action on this front. We first have to find the right property, and as we just began it can take a little while before we do.

As for the dividends, on first sight, it might look like something went terribly wrong this past month. Instead of an increase of dividends, we got a major decrease. We have received -72% less dividend than the same month last year. It looks terrifying, but it’s not all that bad. There is one company from our portfolio, Munich RE, that released this note earlier on:

“Due to a legal change from 2017, the payment will be made on the third banking day after the annual general meeting.”

And thus resulting in a payment shift from April to May. Last year, the dividend payouts were coming from 2 different companies. Of which Munich RE was the big one. You can imagine how much the impact has been for this month’s overview. It should have been a typically slow and steady month, turns out it’s worse.  

Monthly dividend update - April 2017

On the other hand, we already expected May to be our best month of the year because of some yearly dividend payments we are getting paid. If we include the Munich RE dividend for next month, our results will be top notch for this year!

Dividend income - April 2017

Don’t like what I see – May better be a solid month!

We received a total of 14.46 euro in April. And if we hadn’t added Nike to the portfolio at the beginning of this year, it would be even lower. Another downside is that Bank of Nova Scotia has a decrease as well. This is because we calculate our dividends as net income, so after taxes and valuta changes. With the EUR/CAD rate, our net dividend income for BNS is actually lower as well. Luckily, we have nothing to worry about and our plans will proceed as planned.

Monthly portfolio worth - april 2017

Our stock portfolio worth – up +0.67% from last month

Our stock portfolio is currently worth €46929.98. We don’t take our cash position into account in this portfolio. If you care to know what our holdings are, take a look over here. Compared to last month, the worth more or less stayed the same. And this is without adding some new positions. It’s funny because if you check every day, you see the market going up and down as if it had some severe mood swings. But over one months time, not much really happened. We wished to have around 65.000 euro by the end of the year. We will probably not achieve this, because of our plans for buying real estate. Our net worth will keep on growing. I haven’t calculated (so how do I know? I guess…) and published this yet but will do so somewhere in the coming 3 months. From thereof on we can see our total assets and worth which will be needed since we want to add some real estate in the (near) future as well.

Monthly portfolio update - sectors -april 2017

No changes since last month.

Blogging update

On the blogging part, I’ve noticed that due to my lack of activity during our vacation, the visits on Divnomics tumbled down a bit. Since the start of Divnomics in September last year, I wasn’t really set on getting high numbers. But since I found out about the whole community of FIRE pursuers, already early retirees and other money bloggers, I knew this endeavor was worth it. The true rewards are the comments and appreciation of you, the readers. Connecting on this level with other like-minded, investing enthusiast or money geeks is something I’ve never expected. But really something I would never want to miss out on.

I keep on working on this blogging project and will focus more on ever growing and enhancing this blog as well. So as of today, I deleted our watchlist (which was not really relevant anymore) and I introduce to you: The Blogroll.

If you ever are curious what other bloggers and/or sites we follow, or to read more on investing, FIRE and other money related topics you can take a peek over there.

26 thoughts on “Monthly Dividend & Portfolio Update – April 2017

  1. Congrats on selling the Audi! I guess that money will be used well for the real estate project… I’m curious to see how it will work out for you guys. From our side we’re very slowly but progressing.
    P.S. Thanks for adding my site to the Blogroll 🙂


    • Thanks, very happy to get rid of it as well 🙂
      I think we will walk a similar path, as to now things are progressing but very slow.

      And very welcome! Really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to future updates.


      • I like my prius that I got. Small loan payment and cheap gas. It has really helped with our savings rate.
        Good luck with the rentals. I have thought about doing that, but I am having to much fun with dividends right now. Maybe one day…


      • Who knows. And thanks! I’m having a hard time not to spend that money on dividend stocks though. Hope to be back at it pretty soon.


  2. I read you are shifting focus towards renting properties. Good luck with that strategy. Not easy according to me. Wish you great success !

    If you want, you can also add your blog to the blogroll. Thanks in advance


    • Yes we do, although we also want to continue with dividend investing (just a bit slow now). We learn a lot and we will see how it works out. So thanks!

      Consider your blog added 🙂


  3. Seems like there have been a few companies lately changing the month they pay in. Looks weird from a growth perspective since it will cause a decrease in one month then a huge gain in the next. Either way you are still getting the payments at some point and increase overall passive income. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Congrats on selling the Audi! Glad you finally were able to get rid of this depreciating asset. Hope you are able to find many income producing accets for the money (Real estate or otherwise).
    So you are telling me that you will have a stellar dividend income in May? Good for you!
    Rock on 🙂


  5. Congrats on selling the car. I really like the graphs in your monthly updates!

    Good luck with the startup of rour rental project, I hope you don’t run into some walls that others in the community have run into.


    • Thanks, we hope so as well. We’ve already experienced some difficulties with funding. But we have a plan of which it seems it’s going to work. Now we only have to find some property 😉


  6. As others have noted it seems like selling that car was a great burden lifted off your shoulders and with that extra cash you are free to seed your real estate endeavors. April was a bit strange for many especially coming off March highs. Several companies changing their payouts all skewed our results lower. Keep it going!


    • It really was indeed, glad that we haven’t got to worry about it. I’ve noticed it with others too. And as long as it keeps growing, in the end, it will be fine. Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Having read this I believed it was very enlightening. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this information together. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!


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