Dividend & Portfolio update – february 2017


Two months already have gone by this year. Time sure goes fast. This month started off really great, because of the meet-up we had in the first weekend, where we took in a whole lot of info. Since then I started to do more reading, Mr. Divnomics got more involved as well and although we haven’t set up our FIRE plan just yet, we are having very interesting talks in all of our plans towards FI.

We started the year of with some amazing yearly dividend growth. This month’s growth rate is a bit lower. Still, we’re very pleased with it. We didn’t make any recent stock buy’s, as we had to invest in something else (more on that later), and we received the first dividends of two new stocks in our portfolio.

One other thing we have achieved is reaching the threshold of owning 20 different companies in our portfolio.

Warren Buffet is famous for many things, of which one is the 20-slot rule. Most often a rule or technique advised to select with utter care and focus on what you spend your time or money. For example, what if you had only place for 20 stocks in your total portfolio, after that you couldn’t add any more. Which would you choose? It makes you think about the worth of each stock, instead of joining up on any opportunity that passes by.

Investing, and certainly the long-term kind, is a game of being patient. We choose to start with dividend investing because in time we would have enough passive income to enable us to be financial independent. We try to make a stock addition once every 2 months, so we can make bigger purchases, and have enough time to do some research.

There was 1 minor setback this month. In January we choose to switch brokers because with the former we couldn’t make all the investments we wanted, like REIT’s for example. But this also included transferring all assets to the new broker, which costs us a pretty sum of money. We could have left our investments with the old broker, but they charged a minor fee for holding the assets. On the long term, it would have cost us more than the recent transfer, so we booked everything to the new broker.

On a personal level, the past month was one of many with too little time to do everything… I’ve increased my motor lessons in order to get my license. Which meant I couldn’t spend as much time as planned on the blog. But I have first passed my theoretical exam and later in the month my first practical exam. The second and last practical exam will be in about 2 weeks, and after we’ve planned a well deserved holiday 🙂

On blogging level, this was an off month for me. Which isn’t a big problem and I expect to get back to normal levels at no time.

Back to the best part of the month: updating our progress!

In February we received dividends of 4 different companies, 2 more than the same month last year.


We received a total of 36.42 euro, and are up by 49% compared to last year. Which is not too bad at all. This increase was partially because of the company dividend growth, wich was an average of 12%. And partially because of new additions that weren’t in the portfolio one year ago, like Mastercard and Starbucks.

February isn’t a big month in the terms of dividend income. But a growth of 49% is something we would like to see more often! Besides, we also have some European companies that pay us on a yearly basis only and we expect some payouts in the coming months.


Meanwhile, our portfolio keeps growing nice and steady. We moved up to a total worth of €45.549,93. Which means in 1 years time we nearly doubled our portfolio worth.

portfolio-feb2017On the buying front, it will probably keep quiet a bit longer. We have not planned any additions in the coming weeks, except that we are stepping into index funds as well. When we reviewed our debts and our approach in repayments. We decided to skip our payments on our student loans (because of the near minimal interest rate) and instead, use the money to invest in ETF’s. Starting from March we will add at least an additional 150 euro to this fund on a monthly basis.

If you’re interested, you can check out all of our holdings. Or look back at former dividend income reports.

21 thoughts on “Dividend & Portfolio update – february 2017

  1. Look at you two kicking ass on the financial side of things! Nice growth. If you can keep this momentum going, you will be FI before you know it 🙂


  2. Wow, nice returns on BESI! Over 80% in less than a year…
    Based on my own plan I should also start investing heavily in index ETFs but I’m also telling myself that I’ll start when the market is falling. So maybe next month. Or next year, or 5 years later 🙂


    • Haha although when the market will drop, the stocks might also provide some good opportunities 😉

      And with BESI, we just had the luck that the price tumbled way down right after we bought it. We already did the research and could easily buy more, twice.


  3. No big deal? What are you talking about Divnomics?? A 49% dividend increase is freaking awesome. congrats on the great results and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2017 has in store. You are only two months in and making some awesome moves. It only gets better from here.



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  5. Hi Divnomics, fantastic increase! Really like the way you structured your ‘portfolio graph’.

    I am a Dutch investor (as well) – but live in the US. Would appreciate if you check out my site and provide comments!


    Tall Investing

    PS: looks like you are having a great trip in the US!


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