Dividend & Portfolio update – January 2017

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A new month comes with new numbers! Well, the metrics remain the same, but we are pleasantly surprised how far we have come the past year. In January we’ve made some more changes to our portfolio and even opened up a new brokerage account. We hoped to have sold the car by now, but that has to wait a little longer. Until then we keep on going like we are doing now, and allocate capital to our portfolio every single month.

The net amount of dividends in January are still on the lower side for the year, but our dividend growth compared to last year is showing some amazing progress!

First off all, we made the step to add a second broker account. In the past year we discovered that we couldn’t buy certain stocks with our current broker, and we even couldn’t buy most of the REIT’s out there like OHI and others. At which we came to think that it might be a good idea to switch brokers, and savings a lot of transaction costs at the same time. (The one we are using now isn’t particularly known for being cheap…)

Now we are granted some more freedom (and saving money), by opening up a second brokerage account with Lynx. – and thanks for pointing this one out, Roadrunner 🙂 – So far we found that it has low transaction fees, and no hidden costs. Compared to other ‘cheaper’ brokers this one suited the best for our wishes. For now we keep the two different accounts. And if we are satisfied with Lynx over the course of this year, we might transfer our current portfolio to this new account as well. In our portfolio oversight we accumulate all the positions, and make no further splits over the accounts.

In January we made two new buys and added 4000 euro, which pushed our portfolio to a total worth of €43.934,33. We have bought 38 shares of a company we already had our eyes on since October last year: Starbucks. And then followed 10 shares of Allergan, a pharmaceutical company which will pay their first dividend ever in march of 2017.


Looking back at the numbers of january 2016, our portfolio was then worth ‘only’ €21252,47. Back then we were thinking how big amount of money that was, and how fast we crossed the €20.000. Well, today our portfolio has more than doubled in value.. Say again? Yes it more than doubled, which is an amazing achievement.

Our portfolio has grown with 106% compared to January last year. And our first milestone of reaching the €50.000 in portfolio worth is coming very, very close. We expect to hit that mark somewhere in the first half of this year. Want to see all of our assets? Then check out the total portfolio here.


p.s. Don’t look at februari… we had to do this in order to see the January results 😉

January is not the best month for receiving dividends. Especially after the december month, were almost everybody is reaching new highs. We hoped to get some more dividend for this month. But when we bought Nike in December, we did this just a few days PAST the ex dividend date….Can you imagine?

Ah well, it’s not a big problem. It just stings a bit.

For the past month we have received €21.81 in dividends. We only had 2 companies (not including Nike) which paid us a dividend in January: Bank of Nova Scotia and Walt Disney. Where as the latter is the newcomer on the block, as far as January dividends are concerned.

We managed to grow our monthly dividend income with 125% compared to the same month in 2016. The benefits of lower dividend income, is that the growth rate is massive. And that is what we are doing it for in the end. We aim to become financially independent by investing in dividend growth stocks. And on the long term, our money just continues to grow, even if we add nothing new.


I also thought it would be fun to check out the sector allocation in our portfolio. When we started out with investing we wanted no extreme exposures in only one sector. And of course, we have certain preferences. Health care and Tech are both sectors we like a lot due to there upward potential on the long term. But all in all, we are not doing so bad:


I’ve already seen some of the dividend reports trickle in, and with 5 days gone in february ours is a bit late compared to our normal routine. We are looking forward what this next year will bring for all of us. And that hopefully we can all grow on big time 🙂

So how do you look back at the past month? Already getting the new dividends in? Tracking your portfolio in a different way? Or looking for some new strategy adjustments?

23 thoughts on “Dividend & Portfolio update – January 2017

  1. Nice distribution of your invested sectors. Very well done you two.
    And I have to say, impressive growth of the portfolio compared to a year ago. You guys are on a roll! Keep that going.


  2. Great results! That’s some excellent growth in the portfolio, very impressive 🙂

    Looks like you’re pretty well diversified. I’ve been thinking about adding some more financial sector exposure, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.


    • Hi DIB,
      Thanks for the kind words. We indeed are blessed with the growth we have seen. And same here, we’re looking forward how everyone will have another awesome year to come 🙂


  3. Looks like you brought in some good passive cash from a pretty diversified portfolio. Nice seeing the breakdown of your holdings. Your year over year growth is very impressive which just goes to show you are headed in the right direction. Keep up the good work!


    • I know right! We have to dive in again in again though. And we don’t know what higher interest rates will do to them, but will see. We definitely want to own some REIT’s in our portfolio some day.


  4. Great work this month! That is my favorite part of comparing YoY% growth when just starting out is you see insane growth percentages. If that doesn’t make you want to fuel the fire further, then I don’t know what will. Keep it up!


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