How giving small can have a big impact


The last few weeks were some very busy ones for us here. We’ve had many birthdays (including my own!) and lots of other social events we had to attend. With working full time and having a over-scheduled agenda, I just didn’t had the time I wanted to be more active in the PF community. Nonetheless I wanted to wish you all some very good days this weekend and a very merry christmas.

There was one thing however that really stood out for us. And that was the Christmas dinner Mr. Divnomics had on his work, which I wanted to share with you guys.

Everywhere you look the Christmas atmosphere is definitely around us. On my work we had a bad sweater night, where everybody took out the ugliest or funniest sweaters they could find. When working in e-commerce December is by far the most stressful season and you have to give it your all. Then again we celebrate all the achievements together (which are a lot) and therefore it’s also the most fun period of the year to experience with colleagues.

The christmas dinner, held by the department where Mr. Divnomics works is a yearly event, but was a little different this time.

In order to stay within the Christmas thought, their director changed the plan because of what his daughter had asked him a few days earlier, namely:

Why do we only celebrate Christmas with the people we know so well, but don’t give as much back to the people we don’t know but might need it more?

A lot of people give to charity or are helping others unselfishly. But most do not.

Therefore for the Christmas dinner they didn’t only invited the employees of their department, but also some of the refugees living in the same city. In order to share the foor, their warmth and learn from each other.

The increasing number of refugees in Europa is something that has gotten a lot of media attention. Because of the war in Syria, many of those living there can do no other than move away to a new country. A journey that could take months, and with a uncertain and sometimes unpleasant outcome.

Here in the Netherlands we have several shelters where people are brought to awaiting their future.

The message that is being brought by the media is most often one of negativity. Where refugees are seen as a nuisance bringing nothing but trouble to the hosting country and the people living there. It brought up lot’s of discussions and even questionable actions from persons with power.

There is lot’s to be said about how Europe has dealt with the refugee crisis, and I won’t tackle that topic here.But amongst them there are people living in shelters, fleeing from a dreadful war oversees and hoping for a better future.

What’s the trouble then to invite them over for dinner? So they did.

I didn’t have the fortune to attend this dinner, but Mr. Divnomics did. And he was moved by the stories of those people, and how great it was to share one evening together.

There were families that fled with their young children, and people that dared to take the journey alone (or sometimes had no say in this). People who were educated, and already lived in the Netherlands for a whole year, and still remained living in a shelter. And people who had just arrived, and couldn’t understand anybody because they didn’t speak English or Dutch. And therefore were bound to stay in the same place.

But this evening was marked by sharing the love, and looking forward to a brighter day.

To continue this amazing thing, there will be a soccer match in januari. Were Mr Divnomics will play with his colleagues against a team of the refugee centre. 

The one thing the guests didn’t like on the dinner, was the Dutch cuisine (and I don’t blame them). If you’re used to exotic foods with lots of spices and flavor, the Dutch kitchen can be somewhat… uhm tasteless. So in return they will give something back and cook for their hosts after the soccer match. To give them a taste of their home cooking. 

We count ourselves to the lucky few on this world who know no suffering. While there are a lot of people who do. The beauty of being human however. Is our ability to love and to share with others. Even if you don’t have much yourself. And that is exactly why we should always care about others. Because you never know, who might need a bit of help. 

4 thoughts on “How giving small can have a big impact

  1. Happy belated birthday!

    The refugee dinner sounded pretty amazing! Sounds like you guys were pretty busy enjoying the holidays 🙂


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