Dividend & Portfolio update – November 2016

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It’s that time of the month again! I already saw some dividend reports passing by around the DGI community. Just love to see how everybody is continue to grow and set some awesome results. So how did we perform? Instead of a small setback in October, where we had no year on year growth because of currency fluctuations. We have some much better results to show for November.

When I opened my mail today at work I realized just how fast the time is passing by. We only have a few weeks left until the end of the year. I haven’t started to buy presents yet, but in a few days we will celebrate Sint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), and later on Christmas. December is always one of the busiest month of the year for me. Not only because of the holidays, but also job related where this month brings lot of on-the-job stress but also some of the best moments of the whole year.

On top of that we continue to invest and receive a nice extra paycheck every month in the form of dividends. We steadily continue to invest in strong dividend companies to build up our portfolio. And every month we will track how the results and share it here on Divnomics.


For the month November we received a total of €29.76 in dividends. We received a paycheck from Apple, Procter and Gamble and MasterCard. Whereas the dividend of MasterCard is the first since we bought the stock.

Our November dividend shows a solid growth of +41% in comparison with 2015. This was mostly because we added some more shares of Apple at the beginning of the year. Last year we owned 25 shares, today we own 36 shares. Also we didn’t have MasterCard in our portfolio last year, which is a new stock in our portfolio.

Although the growth is impressive, I can’t wait to see 3-digit numbers coming in every month. This won’t be happening next year either. But every month, and as long as we continue to grow our investments, we’ll be one step closer again.

Additionally we earned some money from the sales of used books. I notice we don’t get as much anymore as it was at the beginning. Mostly because I didn’t add any new supply. But we still received some profits of 6.77 euro. With the book profits included, we received a total of €36,53 in additional income for this month.


Monthly dividends over the year

In our monthly overview, you can see how variable our dividend income is. Some months we only receive a slightly small amount, and others provides us with paychecks over the €100 already. With most the end of quarter periods, like March, June, September and December will be the moments the highest dividend income is achieved. For us this is in May. We own a few European stocks which only pay dividend once every year. Because of this May has some big pay outs which we never have in other months. European stocks are slightly different than the US, where in the EU, quarterly dividend payments are far less common.

All in all we are well on our way and try to grow our passive income step by step. We do this by continuously putting money aside for our investment account. And invest this money, with €2000 chunks, in solid dividend paying companies with a lot of growth potential.


Divnomics stock portfolio

Our portfolio is currently worth €37455.40 (including cash position). Which is 7.5% more than 1 month ago, and  a sweet 71% more than in the same month a year ago. If your curious to all our positions, just check out all our portfolio holdings.

How was your month? Booked some awesome growth? Or just going along steadily? And already looking forward to the almost magical December month?

23 thoughts on “Dividend & Portfolio update – November 2016

  1. Australian stocks are the same as European stocks – usually only paying dividends twice yearly. I go for entire quarters without receiving dividends!

    Looks like you are doing great. Congratulations! Always good to see growth in your dividends 🙂


    • Interesting. You can never receive equal dividends every month though, so as long as we keep growing we are satisfied 🙂
      And thanks a lot! Seeing everything grow, also with others is a real motivator to keep on going!


  2. Your portfolio is growing from this time last year and your dividends are growing from this time last year too. What’s not to like? Happy to see PG paying us both for the month. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hi Divnomics, Good job on the 41% increase! Well done!
    May I ask if the 7.5% portfolio value increase includes your monthly contribution? The steady slope of the blue line in your chart suggests you add fresh cash every month.
    Keep on building that dividend income!


  4. I love seeing that your blue portion of your portfolio exceeds the green each month 🙂 Sounds like you picked some awesome stocks that are really growing well. Thanks for sharing your awesome November!!!


  5. Great month! I actually didn’t have any dividends come in during November. However, I did have $17 come in on 12/2 haha. Most of my holdings only pay dividends on a quarterly or annual basis.


  6. Solid month! I remember when I started out with dividend investing, it was so exciting to see dividend income increasing every month by a small amount. Years later and at over $1,000 per month, small increases still make me super excited. Keep up the great work.


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