The freedom of spending time on your own terms


Today I had one of the best days in a long time, and was part of something beautiful that was shared with me. I became aunt to a beautiful, little niece. Seeing such a small human being with two very proud and amazed parents is something I can’t put to words. There is no other experience similar. For this reason I spend the last two days almost entirely with my family.

Everybody has their own goals in life, and makes different decisions in how to live life. All of this results in these and other beautiful moments. The best thing about those moments? To be able to share it with others. So what has this little blog to do with that? Not much, but it got me thinking.

I’m not a great planner and I’m terrible at time-management. From the start of this blog I never really consistently planned my blog posts and just published them when finished. And that’s ok. I started because I wanted to share stories and connect with like-minded. And I like it a lot to learn from you and all the others who share their thoughts and journeys in this blogosphere of personal finance.

But I also spend lots off time on it, or on social media, or reading others blogs, or researching stocks. You get it. Next to working 50 hours a week, this pretty much eats up all of my time. I don’t stop though, but maybe managing it better won’t do any harm.

The strangest thing is this:

We pursue financial independence in order to be our own bosses of time. So we can decide for ourselves what to do and when. To be able to enjoy the beautiful things without being restrained by a job. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s not something only to be achieved over 10 or 20 years from now. It’s equally important to do those things you want to do post-job, also to do in your current life. Even if you work full-time.

It’s crazy to want to be ‘released’ from a job when you can’t even enjoy the same freedom in the present. 

I spend a lot of time at my work, because I get paid to do so. And it’s what expected of me from those who pay me. Equally I spend lots of time on investing and blogging next to my job. But it’s not what’s expected of me. Nobody pays me to do so. I decide for myself, that this is what I want to spend my time on. Because it’s what I like.

There were lots of things in our family atmosphere the last couple of weeks, which asked a lot of time from us. And not only 1 thing, but multiple. And some were not so great to share. It was probably not the best period to start a blog, maybe it never truly is.

I always chose priority for my family over this blog. Because family means a lot to me. And with them I want to share a lot of great, and even not so great experiences.

We’re not really planning our future very thoroughly. We decided a couple of years ago that one day, we want to achieve financial independence. Like many others. Maybe even like you. And that’s what were still trying to do, in our own way and on our own terms.

And there are lots of great things we can do after we have reached that goal. But we never let our current lives be shadows of what we dream of later on. So maybe we’re not as frugal as others, or we don’t invest as much money as others. But we try to balance everything, so we try to reach FI without loosing our quality of life.

It’s not so much about spending money, or saving money. But it’s about reaching your goals without sacrifice the things you care about. So when dreaming of reaching your goals, we never forget that we live today.

Quality in life, for us, stands for spending time with loved ones and be able to share your goals, dreams and experiences with them. No matter what it is about. This could be different for everybody. It’s about spending the time the way you want to. And not because it’s expected from you.

A job has basically nothing to do with it. You can spend the time on your own terms already, right now. Because there is still so much time left, if you think about it. Just spend it wisely.

So I will continue to do it like this. And right now, I wanted to share this thoughts. It was stuck in my heads for a couple of weeks already. And maybe on this beautiful day, it’s best to let it go…


This post is a bit off topic, but was something I wanted to share. Feel free to think anything about it, or share your own thoughts.

2 thoughts on “The freedom of spending time on your own terms

  1. Everyone has their own motivations and journey towards financial independence. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a rush either; this post is a great reminder to not lose sight of whats important.

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt!


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