Portfolio & dividend update: September 2016

photo-1466692476868-aef1dfb1e735.jpgWhoa, this is the first time I can give an update about our portfolio and dividend income. Especially because September was a pretty good month, I’m excited to share it! Same as many others, we track every dividend coming in. We do this, so we know where we are in our journey towards financial independence. And of course to see the compounding growth working over the years.

After a dreadful August, this month had some bigger dividends rolling in. Who doesn’t like the idea of money coming in, and growing it at the same time.

We started investing 2 years back. And after 6 months in the game, we switched to dividend growth investing. The idea of investing, not (only) for the capital appreciation, but particularly for the dividend returns was something we really liked. It fitted perfectly with the idea of having a nice nest egg by the time we would want to retire. And where we were not dependent on selling out on our portfolio, but could live of the dividend rolling in.

We see our investments as little seeds we are planting along the road. And while we keep on investing and buying new stocks, every dividend we get grows higher and higher. And when we need it or want to use it, we will be able to sow.

The coming years we will be growing our income mostly by working. With the extra income we can accelerate our investments and let it work for us. Our goal is to have a portfolio paying dividends which is sufficient enough to cover our expenses. When this will be? We actually have no clue (yet), and it’s still something we have to plan ahead.

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” –Robert Kiyosaki

For our monthly update I thought it would be nice to visualize the numbers a bit. So I made an infographic. Overall we’re very pleased with the results this month, especially after a not-so-great August.

All the numbers below are stated in Euro and after taxes. We do this to smooth out all the results. Because currency may differ from month to month, the results can and will be different. However this is the actually money we’re getting on our investment account, and gives us a simpler way of gaining insight.



9 thoughts on “Portfolio & dividend update: September 2016

  1. Woah Woah Woah. That is some impressive dividend growth AND you received income from some awesome companies! Glad to see you hopped on board with the dividend growth investing strategy. Nothing is better than receiving income for doing absolutely nothing! Looking forward to seeing your portfolio continue to grow.

    Take care!



  2. Thanks for sharing your recent dividend income with us. Looks like you have some pretty solid names paying you for the month of September. Always happy to see other jump aboard the dividend train. Just stick with sustainable dividend payers that consistently grow their payouts too and long term you’ll be just fine. You’ll see your dividend cover more and more of your monthly expenses and become less dependent on your job.


    • We sure hope so! Thanks for the comment. It’s already so rewarding to see the numbers grow every year. Even if it still looks so far away, we know that we will reach financial independence some day.


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