Introducing our watchlist

Watchlist-intro.jpgFrom the start of this blog we already gave insights in our stock holdings and how they performed. In the background we keep a watchlist via Google Finance, with a list of companies we follow over a period of time. Some of these companies may not be known to everyone, and might be an interesting investment opportunity. So we decided to share our stock watchlist with all of you. Hopefully it inspires you the seem as all the available lists has inspired us.

The companies we place on our watchlist are selected after we reviewed them shortly and find them interesting enough to keep an eye on. This way we can check how they perform over a couple of weeks and follow the developments through their media coverage.

This does not have to mean we eventually buy all the companies on the list, in a matter of time. Instead we see our watchlist as a fluent and constantly evolving ‘thing’ that we use as a kind reminder of companies that might be interesting to buy.

This means a lot of companies stay on the list for months or even years, some are bought after being on there 1 week or some we pull of the list because we’re no longer interested.

The companies on there are more a representation of possibilities we are looking out for at this moment. Instead of a making a new list every month or quarter to pick a random stock to buy from.

Every company that’s on the list, is put on there with a reason. Situations like this can happen:

We check out the healthcare sector because we think with a growing population and age the demand on the long term will always exist. So we read some articles about this sector and than we stumble on a company that is set to turbulent times and therefore their market price is tumbling down… How can this be?
We research the fundamentals and financial metrics in a quick check up and decide to add it to the list. And after we understand the volatility or what is really happening. Then when the big moment arrives where we have accumulated enough cash to buy some stocks, this company could fill the void. This way we bought $GIDL, and averaged down on it as well. 

Having a list of dividend companies doesn’t only provides us a nice summary. We also use it to separate the wheat from the chaff. We know that every company in the list is already checked for the most important factors. Like does the company pay a dividend, does it has a huge debt burden, is it realistic to expect a growing profit or is the vision of the company solid?

The downside of this, is that some companies on there seem interesting but as later research can point out, are really not so. If this is the case, we pull them off. That’s why I’m also very interested in which companies are followed by others out the community or are even being analyzed. It gives a great insight in how to look at new companies and where to look for in a certain industry.

We also list both short term companies and long term companies. The first are companies that we are willing to buy within a few months. The second, obviously, after a longer period. We do this because our watchlist also contains companies that we find very interesting, but we don’t really know the company itself or the business it’s in. So we give ourselves some time to follow the company in the market and read some about it or the market it’s in.

Below we selected a few of the companies that made our watchlist. We also made the complete list available on Divnomics, if you would like to see the rest.

Nestle ($NESN)

Nestle SA manufactures and markets food products. The Company’s product line includes milk, chocolate, confectionery, creamer, coffee, food seasoning, bottled water and pet foods & among others.

Sector: Consumer Defensive
Stock style: Large Core

Novartis ($NOVN)

Novartis AG is engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of healthcare products and pharmaceuticals.

Sector: Healthcare

Stock style: Large Core

NXP Semiconductors  ($NXPI)

NXP Semiconductors NV is a semiconductor company providing High Performance Mixed Signal & Standard Product solutions. Its solutions are used for automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, industrial, mobile, consumer & computing applications.

Sector: Technology
Stock style: Large Growth
! pays no dividend

Starbucks ($SBUX)

Starbucks Corp is the roaster, marketer & retailer of specialty coffee in the world, operating in 68 countries. It sells a variety of coffee & tea products. It sells goods and services under brands including Teavana, Tazo, and Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Stock style: Large Growth

Nike ($NKE)

Nike is the largest, most dominant player in athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment – a consumer category that it has helped define and revolutionize over the past four-plus decades

Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Stock style: Large Growth


Source: Morningstar

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