Our investment & personal goals for 2016


Now that we have our own blog to track all of our investment progress and our financial journey, the next step is setting goals to motivate ourselves getting the most out of it. I’ve seen several other blogs that have written down some of their own goals, which is quite the inspiration for us and probably also for others. It reminds us on keep going and to remember what we want to achieve in our lives. Although 2016 is already over the half of the year, we thought it was a good idea to set some goals anyway.

By doing this we can check at the end of every year if we have met our goals and how we did it. But if we didn’t, we can reflect and think on how to change things for the year after.

Setting goals are a nice approach in order to direct our attention and focus. Our main goal of course is to be financial independence one day. But because we only recently started (2 years ago), we want to divide that big massive goal over smaller steps we can realize every year. By making a big goal into smaller steps, you don’t have the feeling you’re aiming for the stars. Rather building something to reach the same stars in an more effective way. Step by step we will be working on growing our portfolio and becoming financial independent.

Sharing goals with friends, family or online is a great way to keep yourself motivated for all the hard work you put in. For example:

Let’s say you set a goal of receiving 1500 dollars in dividend within a year. Now share that goal with the online community, co-workers or some of your closest friends. And than peer pressure hits in, which is the best way to keep yourself going. Just wait until someone asks you, ‘How are you doing in your goal of receiving 1500 dollars in dividend?’ And imagine 20 or even 50 people asking you that same question. I think that will motivate you. 

By adding peer pressure to your goals, you can be held accountable on reaching them. You have to answer to others on where you stand, and what you will do to achieve those goals.

Because of this effect, we decided to share our goals with the online world, for everybody to see.  Our goals are divided into investment goals, which affects both Mr. Divnomics and me. And some personal goals, which I want to achieve for myself.

By stating this goals on our blog, I feel a bit anxious. This will be our first real step in trying to achieve them. We all know of goals you had set, but in the end you never achieve them. This way I hope to get more focus, track our progress through this blog and be one step closer towards financial freedom.

Of all the things that can boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a journey, the single most important is making progress.


Investment goals

Having 35.000 of invested capital

Every month we put aside a vast amount of cash to our investment account. And at the end of the month, what we have leftover, goes the same way.  We started out wit €21.000 invested capital (as of january 2016), so reaching €35.000 would mean an increase of +66% from the start of the year.

Receive €900 of dividend income (by the end of 2016)

Although we are focused on dividend yield as well as growth, we still want to grow our wealth faster by receiving higher dividends. With this goal we remind ourselves that we won’t focus on growth alone, but also on investing in companies with a high(er) dividend yield. Last year we gathered €225 in dividends, so reaching this goal would mean our dividends would grow with a staggering +300% in one year!

An average savings ratio of 30%

We keep track of our income stream and expenses so we know what percentage of our income we actually set aside. For an investor aiming for financial independence a savings ratio of 30% sounds very… average, you might say. In the Netherlands the average savings ratio however is only 13.6% (which is still quite high for European standards). We look at the 30% as a starting point, from where we try to manage to increase our savings ratio every year.

Personal goals – Mrs. Divnomics

Getting my motor drivers license

Recently I started with my first lesson, which gave me so much energy I decided to go on with it. Although doing this requires a good amount of money, I found a way to pay less than normal by taking lessons from somebody I know, and buying some of the gear second hand. It would be perfect if I could pull this one off before the year ends.

Reading 4 books about personal development or investing

Because of my job, I have easy access to a lot of books. But still I didn’t read as many books as I would have liked so far. So in order to focus on gaining knowledge and improving myself, I want to read 4 books about personal development or investing. For every book that I have read I will post a review here on Divnomics.

Write at least 2 articles per week for Divnomics

Because I’ve only started recently with this blog, I want to keep some speed in writing and posting articles. Maintaining a blog requires time and a lot of effort. This goal will help me grow Divnomics with much more content by the end of the year. 

4 thoughts on “Our investment & personal goals for 2016

  1. I love how well rounded and balanced these goals are. Reading is underrated and something that I don’t do enough of in all seriousness. So many great stories and lessons out there to be had, why not take advantage of it?

    Goals are a huge step of the process and help keep you focused/determined on your way to the end game. You goals are definitely ambitious and that is a lot of capital to invest in a short period of time. However, I am assuming you have the capital to back it. Best of luck as you embark on the financial freedom journey!



    • Hi Bert,

      Thanks for your kind words. Focus is exactly why we put up this goals. They might not be that ambitious as you think, though. I took the liberty to take january 2016 as our starting point (will adjust this in the article). I wish we could accumulate so much in 4 months, but that a bit far-fetched unfortunately.


  2. Always nice to set up goals that are measured and not too far fetched. A 30% savings rate is a very good start and ahead of most. I know many of our peers like to get to 50%+ but it’s all about taking one step at a time. Look forward to seeing if you hit your dividend income goal for 2016 too. Thanks for sharing.


    • Totally agree with you and thanks for the comment. A 50%+ ratio is something we hopefully get to later on, but for the coming years we will be making progress step by step indeed.


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