An expensive hobby, how we deal with it

I’m still in a energetic rush while I’m writing this article. Why? Because today, I have had my very first motor driving lesson. I went through two whole hours full of excitement and a a little bit of fear. I joined two of my sisters in law and we decided to do this only 2 weeks ago. Driving a motorcycle, and taking lessons, are quite expense. Especially if you consider that you want the most of your money into your investments, instead of spending it. But despite saving a lot of money, we also want to enjoy our lives. So instead of waiting until your older (and hopefully FI), some things you just want to do now. But how do we handle the money?

Since I was little, I wanted to ride a motorbike. The reason for this ‘dream’ was my father. He started driving when I was only 8 years old, and since then I wanted the same. For many years I was holding it off, mainly because Mr. Divnomics had no interest in it at all. The second reason were the costs. You had to pay not only for the bike itself, but also the lessons, the examination (theory and practice) and of course the outfit.

But now today, it really happened. A lot of the men in my family in law are riding, and even go on a motor weekend every year, even though it’s really a bit of an excuse to go out with only the men. Lately a few more joined that little group. And we, the women, thought we couldn’t be left behind.


Breaking down the costs

When you start riding a motor and you have no gear at all, the initial investment for this hobby is high. Especially because you will not get anything in return, spoken of money of course. What you do get in return is a lot of joy, fun, excitement and it you gain a lot of new experiences.

The lessons will cost about   €1000

The examination about          € 400

The outfit about                       € 800

And of course the bike          € 2000

Yearly maintenance               € 400

Looking at the list above, the motor will cost me about €4500 in the first year. After that it will take 500 to 750 if you also take in account new (extra) clothing. This is only an estimate. The exact figure will depend on how long it will take you (lessons) and what kind of bike and clothing you buy.

How the fit the budget

Earlier I wrote about the balance between saving and spending, obviously to optimize your savings. With this hobby of mine, our expenses will grow rapidly within the next months. Because we have set a budget on how much we want to save every month, the cost for the motor will have to come out of our other money pot, which we use for all our monthly expenses. This way our investment routine will not be messed up.

Personally I try to fit in our budget to minimize cost on other subjects. Like casual clothing, dining out or buying things for our house. The cost we will have in total will take up no more room then something else. For us this is one of the most important factors when we want to spend more money on something. It has to fit in our monthly budget.

As for the initial investment, I wouldn’t be a true DGI’er if I didn’t look for cheaper prices. I do have some luck with the drivers lessons and examination. Because I take them with a relative, I get a nice discount. So instead of the €1000, I only have to pay around €640. So I already save €370 by only knowing someone.

For the gear, clothing and bike, I will visit the motor fair. Which will take place in february 2017. Here you can find all kind of bargains on clothing and maybe the bike itself. This way I try to make the total investment as low as possible.

For every euro we spend, especially big ones, we ask ourselves the following question:

Is it worth the money?

Before today I might have told you, maybe not. But after the first lesson, and still feeling the rush flowing. It’s a definite YES. This is just something a have to do. As long as it fits our budget.

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