How it all started

Our journey with investing already started 2 years ago. It seems like a long time. But if you compare it to the average time-span of long term investing, it’s nothing.

Everybody has different motives and reasons to start with investing. Some like the extra money, others want to become filthy rich. We started because we like the idea of financial independence. To reach the point where you be able to stop working and live of your investments, if we choose to.

But back in 2014 we didn’t knew anything yet about DGI, financial independence or even compounding. So how did we get here?


In the beginning of 2014, Mr. Divnomics was already trying to convince me of investing our money into stocks. The biggest reason for me not to do it, was because it wasn’t ‘safe’. When you put money into a savings account, you know it will always stay there. With  investing, it could be that you’re stocks would be worth less some day and you will lose money.

I couldn’t really oversee what it meant to invest in stocks. By means of experiment I had to know more about investing, before I could state a definite YES or NO. So I started to read the book ‘Beleggen voor Dummies’ (Investing for Dummies). It was the easiest to read book about investing written in Dutch. Even though this book only covered the core basics, I was intrigued by the fact that investing was more than just ‘trading’. I was convinced then, that it invest our money wasn’t a bad thing.

From the very beginning we wanted to invest for the long term. The idea was that we would grow our wealth by means of capital appreciation. Our first assets were some trackers and companies which we found interesting because of there business value. European stocks are not very known for paying out dividend, so that wasn’t something we focused on. Back then we had no idea of the power of compounding and dividend growth over the long haul. The big change was reading several blogs of people who all pursued financial independence. All the new possibilities and interesting lifestyles open our eyes to a way of investing we had never seen before. We realized that we had to improve our investment strategy and portfolio in order to get what we wanted.

The following months we sold half of our portfolio and used that extra cash to start all over. With the help of books, blogs and online courses we got to know about financial economics, how to valuate a company and how to decide when a stock would make a good buy.

For 2 years now, we’re learning  more each and every day in order towards becoming financial independence.

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